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Personal Training and Bootcamps in Hobart


Client Transformations

Daniel M

I came to James in desperate need of a lifestyle change due to increased weight since being office bound. During our 12-week program I lost 16kgs of fat and gained 6kgs of muscle. He has also educated me so I can confidently maintain this lifestyle on my own. I would recommend James to anyone trying to lose weight.

Anita B

Since being with James, I have a different (and much improved) view of fitness.  I thoroughly enjoy my 3 sessions per week, despite not being able to walk or sit the following day.  The routine changes regularly.  In my case, this avoids a monotonous routine, which can become boring and unproductive. My health and fitness has improved significantly and I have become more disciplined, motivated and enthusiastic about my general well being. I intend to continue this program indefinitely!

Kate M

I have been training with James from Your Life Health & Fitness for the past 2 years. The training sessions are widely varied and always challenging. I love training outside in the fresh air and having the majority of my sessions at the park near home is an added bonus. James’ encouragement throughout each session motivates me to always try and achieve my absolute best (especially at the times I feel certain I’m about to collapse!) and even though I’m sure I look it, he never makes me feel unco-ordinated or hopeless. I feel fitter and stronger than ever since I have been training with James and would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone looking to achieve specific results or improving their strength and fitness in general. I’m looking forward to forging ahead with the support and encouragement of James to achieve each new fitness goal.

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